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These plants need homes for the summer! They include strawberries, potatoes, grapes, perennial herbs and native plants.

Greetings Cascadia and Decatur Families,

We have a number of plants that we are hoping to keep alive for the summer so that they can be re-planted at our new schools in the fall. We’d love it if you could adopt a plant (or three) and do your best to keep them alive for the summer (but no worries if they don’t make it – some survivors are better than no survivors!).

Please stop by the school garden at current Cascadia to adopt your plant between now and the last day of school! Plants are in pots or earth bags and can be found near the boulder by the N. 43rd St. entrance to Cascadia. See pictures for more details! Questions? Email KimberlyChristensen@live.com Thank you!


Easy instructions for adopting a plant.


This is what an earth bag looks like. We need these back even if the plants don’t make it 🙂

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