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Bulb Museum!

We were delighted when the Hardy Plant Society of Washington donated over 500 bulbs to our school garden. We even got a display box of many different kinds of bulbs. Rather than try to plant single bulbs around the garden, we made a Bulb Museum from some scrap wood.

I found this funny box frame:

scrap wood box

scrap wood box

And added some more scraps to complete the box:

completed box

completed box

We filled it with dirt and placed the bulbs:

Placing the bulbs

Placing the bulbs

And now they’re up! Crazy tulip, you’re supposed to wait until after the daffodils!

They're Up!

They’re Up!

Here’s the list:

Row 1 (Closest to the big rock)

Narcissus ‘Surfside’ (6)
N. ‘Quail’
N. ‘February Gold’ (4)
N. ‘Green Eyed Lady’ (2)
N. ‘Stint’
N. ‘Professor Einstein’
N. ‘Sweetness’
N. ‘Snipe’
N. ‘Ice Follies’ (3)
N. ‘Dutch Master’
N. ‘Angel’

Row 2 (Middle)

Tulipa ‘Holland Chic’
T. Zurel
T. clusiana ‘Cynthia'(4)
T. kaufmaniana ‘The First’
T. ‘Elegant Lady’
T. ‘Artist’
T. ‘China Town’
T. linifolia
T. humilis ‘Persian Pear’
T. ‘Heart’s Delight’
Allium ‘Avalanche’

Row 3 (path)

Nectarscordium siculum subsp. bulgaricum (2)
Allium christophii
Leucojum ‘Gravetye Giant’
Allium ‘Purple Sensation’
Crocus ‘Pickwick’ (2)
Muscari armeniacum ‘Saffier’ (2)
Fritillaria meleagris
Crocus ‘Vanguard’
Corydalis solida (2)
Galanthus nivalis (2)
Calochortus superbus
Colchicum ‘The Giant’
Allium ‘Molly Jeanne’
Allium schubertii
N. ‘Yael’
N. ‘Ambergate’

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