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Moving the big blue rock

Moving the big blue rock

The APP@Lincoln SNAPP-Dragons School Garden team is looking for additional people help lead our school garden.  We’ld like to have a team of people who can offer monthly ‘themed’ work parties to facilitate getting the teachers and their classrooms into the garden.  We will explore obtaining grants, supporting curriculum development,  create special events, and much more.  We would like our Garden Leadership Team to help coordinate additional Garden Steward volunteers and activities to help build our program.

Some of the themed work parties that Kimberly and I have thought of include bulb planting, seed saving, cloche building, butterfly habitat planting, seasonal parties, and a Bio-Blitz to create a long-term species inventory for our garden.
Our first Back To School work party is a Open Garden on Friday, September 13th, from 10am-2pm.  Teachers are already signing up their classrooms to build new raised beds, fill them with dirt, weed out the old beds to prep for the fall, seed starting and transplanting, weeding the native garden. We have requested some shovels and wheelbarrows for the day!  I expect a lot of dirty, tired, happy faces on Friday!  It would be fantastic if you can help for one or more 1/2-hour slots that day.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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