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Teachers, parents and community leaders, come participate in Seattle Tilth’s unique and dynamic week-long Garden Educator Workshop on July 23-27. You’ll be ready to build a children’s garden with curriculum ideas that will delight and inspire kids! One participant said “Your gentle teaching style and hands-on experience was so refreshing…My head is FULL of useful and exciting organic gardening and conservation ideas!” Find out more…


Please contact Lisa Taylor: (206) 633-0451 ext. 105 or lisataylor@seattletilth.org.

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Composting Fences

Part Garden-Art, part science experiment, a composting fence is a fun way to separate parts of your garden, or block off unsightly areas using the patterns of decaying twigs and leaves without removing biomass from your property.  We won’t be producing a lot of biomass at our school garden to start, but there are some twiggy shrubs that can be pruned, and an unsightly wall to hide.

Composting Fence – Image by Jacqueline Koch

Pioneered successfully by Jennifer Carlson in her Magnolia neighborhood, her composting fence is home to “wrens and chickadees, and cuts down on the amount of woody waste that must be hauled off because most pruned branches can be cut to fit into the fence. Over time the green waste breaks down to feed the plants growing around it.”  Seattle Times 2008



Compost Fence Layers – Image by Willi Galloway

Willi Galloway featured Scott and Jen’s Sustainable Scientist composting fence which is sandwiched between 4×6 posts which showcases the artistic layers of leaves and small branches.





Composting Fence at CUH – Image by Grace Hensley

And newly installed at the Center for Urban Horticulture, the Neighborhood Design/Build architecture class created a garden shed to be shared by the Seattle Youth Garden Works, the Hardy Plant Society of Washington, and the UW Farm.  It is as much garden art as it is useful.


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Site Planning

We had our first site-assessment meeting today and have a tentative agreement to move forward with the first phase of our school garden.  We are developing a Native Garden with input from the 4th and 5th grades, and an Annual Edibles Garden with input from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.  Look for work parties coming this summer to spread wood-chips, build garden beds, and start vegetables.  We will be integrating worm-study bins, compost techniques, native and modern edible plants, and room for science experiments.

Site Assessment

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Here are some pictures of great ideas we got when visiting Anthony Warner at ORCA:

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Snapdragon-fly John Tenniel

Snapdragon-fly John Tenniel

We’re excited to announce the beginning of a fantastic school garden project for the Seattle North APP school community currently located at Lowell at Lincoln in Wallingford!  We have a tentative agreement to develop the site near the Big Blue Rock at the South end of the Lincoln site, 4400 Interlake Avenue N, Seattle, WA 98103.


Come help us develop a Native Garden, an Annual Edibles Garden, a Science Experiment Garden, and a Perennial Edibles Garden.  We have some exciting projects in store for the teachers and kids.  Come grow with us!

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